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In 1998 HIM Ministry was created to provide a central place that homeschool families could meet, fellowship and learn together. Our devoted families travel from Onondaga, Oswego, Madison & Cayuga counties.

Our group comes together once a month during the school calendar year. The day begins about 9:45am and ends roughly around 2:00pm then the After Clubs meets from 2:00pm - 3:00pm. 
The program is designed to enrich the core subjects being taught at home. Be ready for an energetic day filled with laughter and plenty of learning our volunteer moms and dads put together. The customary classes offered are Literature, Science, Health, Art, Gym, and even some occasional life skill classes.

To celebrate the children's accomplishments throughout the year, there is an annual Celebration Event in April where the students get to be on stage to do a variety of singing, dancing, human video, reading scripture, signing, and senior year speech. Our volunteer moms and dads work with the students to create a memorable evening. The student's beautiful artwork is collected and saved and put on display in the Lobby. The graduation ceremony for Kindergarten, 8th grade and Highschool Seniors is also a traditional family favorite.

We appreciate our volunteer moms, dads, teachers and students practicing and working extra hard to make this evening of honor such a success and blessing! Thank you!!